About me

My name is Andreas Kosta and I am a cinematographer.

In this life you either make things happen or you watch things happen. I chose to take the helm of life in my hands and belong to the category of those who make things happen! I believe that if a person puts something in his mind he can achieve it, no matter how big it is and regardless of the difficulties and challenges he may encounter along the way. Every day I do what I love, what fills me, I know that nothing stops me. My vision is my driving force and the sky is my limit! I do what I love, so when my day starts, nothing stops me!

I remember like yesterday, the moment I first started working in the field of video and photography. I have never imagined that it would satisfy my soul to such an extent! It gave me real joy! A kind of joy that I had never experienced before and a flame was born inside me that was constantly growing. This flame pushed me to become better every day, so that I could develop my knowledge and become one with a difference!

I believe that by adopting a way of life that has a purpose we enrich others, leaving a positive imprint! So my goal is to have a positive impact on society with my life. I want my talent to be a solution and help in the lives of others.

God created me for this purpose! I want to thank Him and show Him that the talent and charisma that He generously gave me, I will use it to the fullest!

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